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"Flying Hypodermic Needles"

Literally hundreds of people in Saint Tammany Parish alone have been sickened by their bites and West Nile Virus. The most vulnerable people are the young, the elderly and the sick. Whether it's a special event/1-time service or regular routine service, Durmo has a mosquito management program that is safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective for home owners or event planners.


Step 1. Call Durmo for a fast, easy quote over the phone, for a 1-time service or regular service all summer.

Step 2. Durmo will send out a technician to help service the location and provide a documented report o each service completed.


Facts and Identification

50 species of mosquitoes can be found in St. Tammany, but these six species are the usual supsects- The Brown Salt Marsh, The Inland Floodwater, The Southern House, The Asian Tiger, The Yellow Fever and The "Eastern" Saltmarsh.

Most people just know "It's a Mosquito" and water sources and breeding conditions are almost everywhere and always present. The problem is when too many are resting nearby they start to feed on people. Durmo can help limit the number of mosquitoes resting nearby and as a result lower the interaction between this insect and people, less mosquitoes near you means less bites and a more enjoyable quality of life for you and your family around your home.